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Guru Sanket Biswal | Serial Entrepreneur

Guru Sanket Biswal - Serial Entrepreneur
"listen think explore innovate develop support"

A serial entrepreneur who shares his web presence & expertise to spread innovative ideas & help make the world a better place.
To contact me for your next Online Venture, click here

Who Am I ?

I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Professional Blogger, Agent of Change, Web Designer, Web Developer, Tech Evangelist for Open Source & a Social Media Maniac.

Currently I’m working on my dream project – OpenInnovators.In to help entrepreneurs create successful online ventures.

To know the complete details about my work experience check out my Portfolio and LinkedIn Page

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Guru Sanket Biswal is the founder of OpenInnovators.In which is going to serve as the platform which fosters innovation by forging a collaboration between group of freelancers with complimentary skills. While most web development site focus on the profit in terms of ROI, OpenInnovators.In is a charitable startup which is supposed to be  a open platform focusing entirely on ‘Innovation’.

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